Saigawa Zataki, General

Half Brother of Regent Lord Yoshi


Monk 2 / Paladin 4 / Marshal 4


Saigawa Zataki is the younger half-brother of Lord Toranaga, and he is also the daimyo of the Shinano province. Once his brother Toranaga became a general in the Taikō’s army, Zataki insisted that he serve under Toranaga for the honor of his family. Zataki is a younger man in his mid-20s with a tall, lithe build and long flowing black hair. He adorns himself with the Saigawa family colors of blue and white and wields a spear in combat. Although his familial relationship with Lord Toranaga would invite suspicions of favoritism, Lord Toranaga treats his half-brother no differently than any other soldier.

Most recently, Zataki assisted The Nine Swords in storming Fujiwa Kanto’s stronghold to seek the assistance of Hokadio Chimmoku in healing Sasuke.

Saigawa Zataki, General

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