Caretaker of Omi's Residence


Suwo is the blind caretaker responsible for the condition of Omi’s residence. Suwo is quite competent in his care of the premises, and he is also renowned as the best masseuse in all of Izu. Suwo was blinded in combat many, many years ago, and the scar across his left temple (apparently a sword wound) is a constant reminder of his handicap.

Suwo’s age is difficult to discern, but it is clear that he is at least 70 years of age, which is far beyond the norm in Nippon. Many individuals seem to use Suwo as a confidant while receiving a massage, but Suwo continually refuses to reveal any information learned if asked by interested parties.

Suwo is the only survivor of the destruction of Anjiro Village, and Sasuke seems weary to trust him.


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