Toda Hiromatsu

Lord Yoshi's Captain General & Close Friend


Toda Hiromatsu is an older man with graying hair, and he serves as the right hand man of Lord Toranaga. Incredibly strong and quick to anger, Hiromatsu has absolutely zero tolerance for even the slightest insolence or failure, and he will not hesitate in ordering seppuku. Hiromatsu does have the quirky behavior of always keeping his killing sword sheathed and in-hand. He refuses to ever put it in his belt for fear that he may be too slow to act in defense of his Lord. His undying loyalty to Lord Toranaga may come across as fanatical to the extreme, but his ability to rally troops and institute order is unparalleled.

Toda Hiromatsu originally served the Taikō during the unification of Nippon, but once the Taikō seized power Hiromatsu was assigned to serve and protect Lord Toranaga.

Hiromatsu’s first impression of The Nine Swords was very poor, since they lost track of Fujiwa Kanto while he was in their charge in Osaka.

Toda Hiromatsu

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