Toyotomi Hideyoshi, "The Taiko"

Deceased; Former Kwampaku of Nippon


Commoner / Samurai


Toyotomi Hideyoshi was the first man to successfully unite all of Nippon under one rule. He was originally a peasant and joined the military at a young age back when peasants could become samurai. Ultimately, his lack of noble blood prevented him from receiving the title of Shōgun, but he received the equally powerful title of Kwampaku as the Chief Advisor to the Emperor and Ruler of Nippon. During his campaign for unification, Hideyoshi’s record on the battlefield was undefeated until he met swords with Yoshi Toranaga. Toranaga managed to outwit him in battle and forced Hideyoshi to leave Toranaga’s lands in defeat. After Hideyoshi finished unifying the remainder of Nippon, Toranaga agreed to serve him in exchange for the eight provinces of the Kwanto as well as the military advisor position to Hideyoshi.

After unifying Nippon, Hideyoshi established the caste system as well as many other rigid edicts. Once he became ill, he took on the title of Taikō and created the Council of Regents to rule in his stead until his son Yaemon reaches the age of 15. Hideoyoshi died approximately one year ago.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi, "The Taiko"

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