Kasigi Omi

Master of The Nine Swords


Kasigi Omi is the samurai assigned to the village of Anjiro by his father Kasigi Yabu. Omi is also the Master of Nine Swords, who teaches Hideo, Hiro, Sasuke, and Xeolos their martial skills. He is a kind but stern man in his late 30s. He led his first successful battle at the age of 12, and since that time he discovered what he referred to as the Tome of Battle. This tome taught him everything he knows, but he has never allowed any of his pupils to touch it or even see it.

Omi fears that any knowledge of The Nine Swords gained by his father would prove ill to his pupils, since his father Yabu is known as one of the most ruthless, ambitious daimyo in the region. Chances are that Yabu would either attempt to use The Nine Swords to his own advantage or may even attempt to kill both them and Omi outright for their insolence in keeping such incredible martial knowledge to themselves. Omi greatly admires and cares for his students, and such a fate would be disastrous in his eyes.

Most recently, Kasigi Omi was reported dead after the destruction of Anjiro Village at the hands of Omi’s father Kasigi Yabu. However, The Nine Swords did not find any trace of Omi’s body. He is one of four individuals unaccounted for after the destruction of Anjiro Village.

Kasigi Omi

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