Kasigi Yabu

Ruthless Daimyo & Father of Kasigi Omi


Kasigi Yabu is the father of Omi and daimyo in control of the province of Izu, and Yabu is also one of Lord Toranaga’s retainers and allies. He is renowned as one of the most ruthless daimyo in the land, but he has great cunning to back it up. Occasionally his ambition is interpreted (usually correctly) as insolence by those superior to him, but few have the courage to cross him openly. He is in his early 50s.

Yabu is known for having a variety of underground and underworld contacts that he can use for a plethora of underhanded schemes including spy networks and assassinations. Backstabbing is not something unknown to Yabu, and his reputation for such behavior, despite a certain amount of speculation, precedes him. He is only tolerated by those superior to him because of his potential usefulness to those crafty enough to manipulate him to their needs.

Most recently, Yabu used the chaos created by the Cult of the Dragon Rebellion to take control of the Emperor’s Palace. He sent out a nationwide decree stating that the Emperor has granted Yabu political control of the nation, despite the existence of the Council of Regents.

Kasigi Yabu

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