Lord Ishido, Regent

Ruler of Osaka Castle


Currently one of the most powerful men in the nation of Nippon, Regent Lord Ishido Kazunari is the ruler of Osaka and resides in Osaka Castle, where he keeps an army of approximately 100,000 samurai at his disposal. He is a strong, lithe man with a trimmed mustache, and his symbol is a circular pattern of five blue lotus flowers. His samurai wear gray uniforms.

Lord Ishido is known for his hatred of foreigners and new religions, but he also seems the most likely Regent to change the established law in the event Ishido is able to take control of the nation. As a result, many of those who should fear his wrath actively seek him out in attempts to gain favor and support his ascension.

Prior to the death of the Taikō, Lord Ishido was Captain General of the Armies of the West, and he acted as one of the primary enforcers of the Taikō’s edicts. His samurai and military forces are perhaps the best trained in all of Nippon, and his military might is unquestioned. Lord Ishido has also been put in charge of both the education and protection of Yaemon, son of the Taikō and heir to the position of Kwampaku as Chief Advisor to the Emperor of Nippon. Lord Ishido takes this task with utmost seriousness and does his best to protect the heir.

Lord Ishido is bitter rivals with Lord (Yoshi) Toranaga, and there are rumors all over Nippon about a coming war between the two Regents.

Lord Ishido, Regent

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