Lord Kiyama, Regent

Deceased Regent Who Defected To The Cult


Monk / Samurai / Fighter

Lord Kiyama was defeated in combat by The Nine Swords at Kiyama’s stronghold outside Kyoto. In his dying moments, he was given an honorable death by Hiro Tanaka of The Nine Swords.


As one of the Regent Lords of Nippon on the Council established by the TaikĊ, Lord Kiyama is known as both an intelligent man and master of battlefield tactics. His stronghold lay up in the mountains on the outskirts of Kyoto, where he has recently retreated. Lord Kiyama is known as one of the first major converts to the Cult of the Dragon in terms of political influence. It is somewhat unclear what made him convert to this new religion, but he is known to frequently take the counsel of Fujiwa Kanto.

Lord Kiyama, Regent

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