Lord Onoshi, Regent

Deceased Regent Who Defected To The Cult


Human Mummy / Cancer Mage 5

Lord Onoshi was slain by The Nine Swords, but not until Uchiha Sasuke of The Nine Swords contracted a foul disease from his confrontation with Lord Onoshi.


Although Lord Onoshi has been fighting the disease of leprosy for years, his cunning and relentless fervor on the battlefield won him his position as one of the Regents on the Council. He openly supports the Cult of the Dragon, and claims that its religious leader Fujiwa Kanto is the primary reason Onoshi has survived his deadly disease. In exchange for his health, Onoshi has recently devoted his entire military support and political influence to Fujiwa Kanto and the Cult of the Dragon. A number of Onoshi’s followers have also contracted the foul disease of leprosy, but they, too, seem to survive despite its ravages to their bodies.

Lord Onoshi, Regent

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