Lord Yoshi, Regent

President of the Council of Regents


Although his official name in office is Regent Lord Yoshi, most daimyo including his retainers refer to him by his first name as Lord Toranaga. Until recently, Lord Toranaga was the most open and public of all the Regents, and frequently entertains visitors, retainers, and other persons who seek audience with him. Regent Lord Toranaga is Lord Ishido’s primary rival as the most powerful daimyo in all of Nippon. During the Taikō’s rule, Lord Toranaga was Captain General of the Armies of the East, and he was the primary tactical advisor to the Taikō. While the Taikō was in the process of unifying Nippon under one rule, Lord Toranaga was the only daimyo in the land who defeated the Taikō on the battlefield. In exchange for Toranaga’s servitude once Nippon became unified, the Taikō gave Lord Toranaga the position of his advisor as well as ownership of the Kwanto, which are the eight largest provinces in Nippon that also contain Edo, the Emperor’s Capital City.

While Lord Toranaga is known as the most amiable of all the Regents, he is also one of the fiercest proponents of maintaining the Taikō’s edits posthumously. Many of these include harsh policies against foreigners, new religions, and difficulties in establishing new legislation. Most of the harshest policies were not enforced at the end of the Taikō’s reign, and they still are not. However, many fear that Toranaga may reinstitute them out of his devotion to Nippon’s previous ruler should Toranaga seize power. As a result, those who lobby for progressive change in Nippon are less apt to seek favor from Lord Toranaga.

Through marriage, Lord Toranaga is also the uncle of the heir Yaemon. Through this relationship Toranaga has taken the opportunity to visit Yaemon quite frequently and assist in his education. This often infuriates Lord Ishido as this task is his charge, but Lord Ishido refuses to risk losing face to the public by denying Yaemon visitation from his uncle.

Most recently, Lord Toranaga has gained faith in The Nine Swords, and he will likely call upon their aid in the near future.

Lord Yoshi, Regent

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