Deceased Spy for Toranaga


Ninja 6

Mura was slain in the destruction of Anjiro Village at the hands of Kasigi Yabu’s minions.


Mura is the peasant headman of the village of Anjiro. He does his best to look after the residents of the village and immediately alleviate any difficulties before they require the attention of the village samurai, Kasigi Omi. Mura tends to do an adequate job, but his bumbling manner and loose-lipped wife seem to get him in trouble frequently. Mura is also the man most immediately in charge of The Nine Swords’ care, but in recent times Omi has taken on this task for himself.

Mura’s real name is in fact Akira Tonomoto, and he is a samurai spy for Regent Lord Yoshi Toranaga. The duration of Mura’s actions under Lord Toranaga is unclear, although Sasuke has spotted Mura regularly sending secret messages, presumably to Lord Toranaga, via carrier pigeon. It is surprising how well he puts up with the constant dishonor and treatment of the townsfolk of Anjiro, who believe he is no more than a peasant fisherman.


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