“This ancient land of honor and war has recently been divided by civil unrest and strife. The Council of Regents barely holds together as members vie for territory in the absence of a unified ruler, who is one year dead leaving only a seven year old heir. War seems inevitable, but so far only subtle attempts at grasping for power have been made. To make matters worse, a radical religious sect has risen from the depths to seize control in this time of chaos.

However, one group has risen to the task of changing destiny as well as preserving the land – The Nine Swords. Trained in secret martial disciplines unknown throughout the land except by one man, these brave warriors have trained all their lives for what will become their greatest life’s challenge. Their success or failure will determine the fate of a nation.”

This is a low magic 3.5 D&D game set in feudal Japan, but it also combines aspects of China’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The campaign was inspired by the Tome Of Battle: Book of Nine Swords. It takes many character names from James Clavell’s SHOGUN, and it adopts the political regime of late 16th century Japan.

The Nine Swords